About BIN

Binax breakthroughs with these advantages features than previous cryptocurrency trading platforms to serve YOU better. We‘d like all users to become partners and owners of this platform and this is a opportunity to “Make Life Better”.

Bin token is the center of the Binax ecosystem. The token is built on Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contract. The BIN token is the most important element of the Binax ecosystem and is traded on popular trading platforms. The BIN token provides the owner with the ability to participate in the Binax platform, global operations and value transfer.

It is necessary to ensure that personal data remains safe, high security, stable and to confirm transactions.

The BIN token has all attributes that a typical crypto currency possesses. These attributes include:

* Peer-to-peer networks

* High transaction speed

* Security system and not removable

* High level of anonymity

* Not controlled by any government organization or agency.

BIN is the only official token with the authoritative designation by Binax’s digital assets service platform, and all users are able to receive corresponding BIN reward from their active platform activity participation (new user registration, friend invitation, trans-fee mining, dividend allocation,.). Customers not only can conduct standard BIN trading pairs, but also can receive dividend according to their corresponding proportion percentage holdings which will be calculated in proportion to the number of BIN through the periodically statistic of BIN, and enjoy the earning of new candy pool by participation of new project vote problem in platform.

The total supply amount of BIN is 1 billion. It is a one-time establishment action and so the upper limitation of total amount is set up well. Permanent no change and no additional issuance. BIN is endowed with great usability and appreciation space on account of the peculiarity of its maximum upper limitation and no additional issuance. BIN represents exclusive services and privileges on Binax platform and can be used in diversified scenarios.

Finally, all the BIN will be assigned to holders according to certain rules and corresponding proportion. One certain part of BIN will be conducted in the token exchange activity with appropriate user groups through rational practice, and the digital assets acquired in this way would be applied in the development of new product module, the application of ecological incubation, and overall operations of platform.

Application of BIN

Application of BIN

Competitive Advantage

We are proud to introduce BINAX platform, that is a decentralized system based on blockchain for the global cryptocurrency industry.


BINAX is decentralized platform, peer-to-peer trading without any third party or central authority.

Exchange by Crypto Currency/Fiat

Intuitive exchange interface, payments in cryptocurrency or fiat currencies

Safe and Secure

Protection from DDoS attacks, 2 layer security using 2FA, Withdrawals protection, Cold wallets,...


All your trades are so transparent in Bistrex. So your assets status aren't misinformed.

Lower costs and fees

Low trading fee, competitive and cost saving of more than 10% compared to coin-to-coin

Realtime and High Performance

High volume real-time trading, millions of transactions per second

Our Community

We Have Users Worldwide.

We support multiple languages and are adding more soon.