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Binax breakthroughs with these advantages features than previous cryptocurrency trading platforms to serve YOU better. We‘d like all users to become partners and owners of this platform and this is a opportunity to “Make Life Better”.

Binax Exchange Platform Introduction

Binax is one of the leading decentralized digital asset trading platforms in the world. Binax was founded in 2017 by a team of founders of global blockchain alliance and it's a real-time automatic trading platform providing customers with crypto-to-crypto trading pairs for coins and utility tokens only. Binax core team includes well-known financial and blockchain specialists from countries around the world such as India, Australia, UK, China, Korea, Russian,...They have been working together to create a cryptocurrency trading platform with these breakthrough features compared with previous trading platforms to meet the increasing demands of traders. The Binax platform provides outstanding advantages for traders with advanced trading ecosystems combine with exclusive AI technology and traditional token transactions that create high liquidity. Binax provides advanced trading orders to assist traders to choose the best trading price. The Binax interface is designed to be user-friendly, our platform is better, faster, stronger, safe, more stable, the best digital security wallet. These smart features help both newcomers (without trading experience in the cryptocurrency market) and professional traders with better experience with other trading platforms, it is easier to make profit for traders! These advantages features have played an active role in Binax's ecosystem, it creates the core values of Binax platform and the ability to compete with other trading platforms! Binax Exchange estimates to solve the millions US dollars of trading volumes every day! Binax provides more than a hundred pairs of token to help traders optimize their trading strategies. In the current, Binax Exchange platform is completed all normal trading features and will be official launched soon!

Binax technical introduction

These new exclusive technologies has applied to Binax such as GSLB, distributed server clusters, distributed storage, and a high-speed memory-based trading engine all backed up in multiple machines, cold storage locations, and hot wallets with offline private keys. Not only with friendly web interface, but also with full mobile app on iOS, Android, Binax will supply a safe, stable and reliable digital asset trading services to all users. Binax team always ready to listen all comments and requests from customers, to strive improving the trading platform. We commit to innovate and improve these exclusive advantages technologies to bring our customer the best trading experience ever!

Digital Assets Introduction - Bin Token

The 4.0 industrial revolution has impacted on all aspects of the economy. Along with the explosion of the fourth industrial revolution is the introduction of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology launched marking the explosion era of cryptographic currency/ digital assets that the most prominent representative is Bitcoin. Recently, ICO and cryptocurrency exchange are booming explosively in the fast pace. It will overtake legal trading platforms in the near future with much larger daily trading volumes. In the near future, cryptocurrency trading platforms will prove its important role in the world financial market because the electronic money market is not limited to space, time, territory, borders or territory and even unlimited access. It meets the needs of every individual, language and country in the world. In fact, recent years have seen the rapid growing of Cryptocurrency trading market and it also spread broadly to almost every part of the world. Until now, more than 1,679 different Altcoin such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc. have been established. Moreover, the total value and volume of these new kinds of money have been representing more than 50% of the global market. This means that the demand for cryptocurrency trading is increasing. According to an estimation of Bloomberg, the daily trading volume of the top three world trading floors exceeded $ 1 billion (March 2018 data), which generate huge profits and sustain the market’s prosperity. As well as BTC, ETH, BNB, KCS ... BIN token is a digital asset released by Binax platform. It contains all these properties that a common cryptocurrency owns. These attributes include:

  • * Peer to Peer network
  • * High speed transaction
  • * Security system and inseparable
  • * High level of anonymity
  • * Not controlled by any government, organization or agency

Bin token is at the center of the Binax ecosystem and it is the only official token with Binax’s digital asset service platform. Bin token is built on Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contract. The BIN token is the most important element of the Binax ecosystem and it will exchange on popular trading platforms. BIN token provides the owner with the ability to participate in Binax platform, global operations and value transmission. All users can receive the corresponding BIN reward from participating in the platform activity (new user registration, inviting friends, exploiting fees, distributing dividends, etc.). Users can't only perform standard BIN pairs, but can also possible to receive dividends from the revenue of the platform in percentages corresponding to the number of blocked BINs in each account according to periodic statistics. We believe the core principles of Bitcoin, the blockchain, the distributed ledger, and smart contracts can reshape the ways in which people trust each other. This transformation will eliminate barriers to transactions, increase the efficiency of transactions across society, and eventually have a significant impact on the global economy.

Binax Platform operating model

In the 4.0 industry revolution, blockchain technology and crypto currency are a positive trend affect to the sharing economy model. In particular, Binax is a digital asset trading platform that operates under a shared economic model. Binax is leading the "shared model" in business operation, focus on sharing the benefits from business revenue with partners, investors , trader and community members.
The advantage of this model is sharing the available resources of members in the community with the application of technology and in particular, the profits from business operation will be shared to everyone participating in the community. There is the factor that makes the sharing economy model have the potential for further growth in the future, not only with a niche market or a temporary phenomenon but also with the future of the global economic environment.
Binax operates in a sharing economy model with a diverse ecosystem, in which the Bin token is at the center of the Binax ecosystem and it is the only official token with Binax's digital asset service platform.
Binax expects all users to become partners and owners of this platform. We will pay dividends to users who are willing to develop and accompany Binax. In this way, we hope to achieve something that may change the world and complete our mission "Make Your Life Better".
"Binax is a opportunity to makes your life better, it is providing a safe and user-friendly environment on base on Sharing Economic Model."
Along with the sharing economic model, the deflation model is also thoroughly applied by Binax. Binax will deduct 60% of our base profit (20% of the transfer fee) to repurchase BIN and destroy these tokens. BIN’s address wallet and repurchasing details (including daily sales and repurchasing amount) will be notified to users for reviewing after completing the repurchasing process.
All repurchasing transactions will be published so that users can review them to ensure the openness and transparency of the whole process. The repurchasing plan will stop after destroying 50% BIN, leaving only 500 million BIN in circulation on the market.
This acquisition is for protection the profit of the present and futures BIN Token’s owners as soon as the demand of BIN token increases.

What makes Bin token different?

  • features

    BIN is the official and unique token of the Binax.io platform - The Exchange estimated to solve the millions US dollar of trading volume everyday!

  • features

    Traders holding BIN token will be traded free of charge, which will stimulate traders to get benefits to make BIN scarce, so BIN will increase price in the futures.

  • features

    The model of "sharing economy " and the policy of affiliate marketing breakthrough will help the trader receive longlife passive income and investors who hold BIN token will receive monthly profit dividends from Binax.io platform.

  • features

    Binax ecosystem’s goals is stimulating traders, investors increasingly hold BIN tokens through policies such as paying dividends monthly, lottery, game …Using BIN to participate in lottery online, lottery winners are paid by BTC, ETH.

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High Security/Availability

Binax protects your esteemed assets, backed by trade data anti-forgery, high-protective SMS verification, high-adaptive data encryption, year-round round-the- clock server security control system, and even more.


High Speed

Binax offers you the stable real-time trading system The system guarantees you easily put in or out your money via your unique virtual account, or trade cryptocurrencies always in real-time


Advanced Orders

BIN offers a suite of order types to give traders the tools they need for every scenario. Discover more about our most advanced Algorithmic orders types. You can trade with multiple.

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BIN improves every inconvenience from previous Bitcoin trade markets, to serve YOU only with the best.




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