Affiliate Program

Binax breakthroughs with these advantages features than previous cryptocurrency trading platforms to serve YOU better. We‘d like all users to become partners and owners of this platform and this is a opportunity to “Make Life Better”.

Binax pays commissions to members who join and introduce the Binax project to the community. Our referral program will help you earn more, by bringing new investors into the system.

Our goal is to build a global network of partners. In order to achieve this, we provide special conditions to our partners.

Apply the share economic model, we offer an excellent opportunity to make money online, regardless of your geographic location and your industry.

Each registered user can make money with our affiliate program.

After the research we selected the referral system with 9 levels deep. We are pay out up to 50% the trading fee back to you as a commission for your effort of together with us building a large community of traders in Binax. This is the passive income that the user will receive long life.

We concluded that this system provides the best balance: scalable while offering generous rewards to users engaged in the development of Binax Platform.Don’t trade alone, trade as a group to have more benefit. The more people in your group that you introduce to Binax, the more money you will earn.

All commissions paid by BTC, ETH, USDT.

Commission are calculated on the total cryptocurrency of the referral system, in the folder received when the warrant is issued.

Level Commission
Level 1 20%
Level 2 8%
Level 3 6%
Level 4 5%
Level 5 4%
Level 6 3%
Level 7 2%
Level 8 1%
Level 9 1%

Our Community

We Have Users Worldwide.

We support multiple languages and are adding more soon.